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Working Groups

WGs are groups that have specific technical deliverables. This means that they work under greater expectations of community scrutiny.

Browsers & Standards WG
TODO: Reboot & add details
Comms WG
Collaborate on and oversee IPFS communication channels (email, social media, blog, website, forums, chat) and the content which is disseminated through them.
Content Routing WG
HTTP delegated routing, Hydra shutdown impacts, design pathways, options for double hashing CIDs, IPNI.
Decentralized Data Compliance WG
The DDC WG produces standards and recommendations to help people and companies comply with legal obligations when using decent technologies.
Events WG
The Events WG produces several major IPFS Community events each year.
Helia WG
Helia is an implementation of IPFS in JavaScript. The Helia WG consists of people interested in working on Helia and making it great while also encouraging existing projects and teams to migrate away from js-ipfs.
Implementers WG
Implementations, specs maintenance, IPFS improvement proposals (IPIPs) current and future, protocol bugs, implementer feedback, user feedback on specific implementations.
Community calls discussing how dapps can use or be entirely hosted on IPFS today and in the future.
Network Measurements WG
Network Measurements of decentralized protocols, including but not limited to IPFS, libp2p, etc.
Platform WG
The Platform WG works on specification and projects that create a more integrated, more successful platform for decent technologies.
Public Utilities WG
Public gateways,, Amino bootstrappers, etc.
Steering Committee
The Steering Committee's purpose is to ensure the IPFS project's success.
The Working Group Working Group (WGWG) handles everything that you don't want to think about when you're working on a standard: licenses, tooling, governance, communication…

Interest Groups

IGs are groups that are focused on discussion and that aren't expected to produce deliverables.

Ignite IG
​Fireside Chat Style Discussion on progress made on tools built, used and UX ergonomics.

Adjacent Working Groups

These are working groups that are related to the IPFS project but that live somewhat farther afield.

IPLD tooling and best practices, schema coordination, multiformats registry governance and IETF hardening.
A specification for bringing content-addressed execution to content-addressed data on IPFS. To this end, the IPVM spec aims to be the easiest, fastest, most secure, and open way to run decentralized compute jobs everywhere.
LibP2P Implementers WG
Decentralized network tooling both for and beyond ipfs: community events, roadmap, new features, triage, and performance issues.
Decentralized Auth — User Controlled Authorization Networks
A distributed file system.